Jan. 21st, 2015

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We had a discussion group that met every Tuesday evening. I remember our group going to a bookstore in North Berkeley to hear Dan Millman speak as part of a book promotion tour. I had no idea who Dan Millman was, but the group wanted to go, so why not? When Dan arrived, he said he had no prepared remarks, but just wanted to chat with us. He asked why we were there. One woman got up and said "well, my boyfriend said I should come, that I'd probably like it". Dan said "Oh, your boyfriend likes my work." And she said that wasn't what he'd said. Dan asked what the boyfriend thinks of his work, and after some hesitation, she replied "well, he thinks you're full of shit". Dan's smile never wavered, and he said "Depends on what time of day you catch me." In that moment, I decided that this man had something I wanted. I'm not that good yet, but I have come a lot closer.

This memory is part of the foundation of who I am today


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