Feb. 3rd, 2015

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I remember taking you to the animal shelter for your friend's birthday party. I remember all the parents sat at one table, while the kids filled the rest of the tables. I remember the handler bringing in the mostly blind cat. I remember that she'd only let one or two of you up at a time to pet the cat, being that it was a "special needs" cat. I remember that after the kids had petted that cat, the handler started out of the room and I said "what about the parent's table?" The handler came over and was saying something about how the cat was scared and how they had to be really careful to not expose the cat to too much "new" stuff at once. While she was looking at another of the parents and saying this, the cat had decided to crawl out of her hands and onto my shoulders, where she then sat. Clearly I had been selected.

This is an amusing memory


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