Feb. 9th, 2015

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I remember driving from Dublin to Hayward. I remember I was going about 70, and you swished past me. I put on a little speed and followed you for some distance at 80. Eventually you noticed me, and slowed to 70. So I slowed too. And then to 60. 50. 35. I finally went around you, and you lit up your lights. I pulled over, and you came up to talk to me. You had that belligerent look that some cops get when dealing with a hapless kid. You asked me "son, do you know how fast you were going?" With a look of complete innocence, I replied "No, officer. I have no idea." You said "Really?" And I replied "Yes sir. My speedometer is broken, and I'm heading into town to get it fixed. I had been just trying to be the slowest car on the road. Then I saw you go by, and clearly you weren't chasing anybody, so I figured going at your speed was a safe bet, since you weren't in pursuit." You turned very red, told me to get that fixed immediately, and went back to your car without ever asking for my license.

This is still an amusing memory more than 30 years later.


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