Mar. 4th, 2015

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I remember you decided tonight was the night. At first, mom got out of bed without waking me. When she was sure, she came and woke me. Your mom and i had agreed that we would set the hot tub very low so she could do part of the labor supported by the water. I went out to turn on the hot tub. The filter canister exploded about a minute later. I went and got some parts to try and jerry rig it, but that exploded too. So i came in and told mom that wasn't on the menu for tonight. And i went back to bed.

This memory is amusing in that "it's only amusing after the fact" kind of way.
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I remember mom started your labor in the middle of the night. I tried to start the hot tub for her, but it wouldn't work, and i went back to bed. In the morning, i took a very quick shower and made breakfast for mom, me, the doula, and the friend. As soon as we were done, it was time to head to the hospital. Three of us piled into the car, I remember your mom in the back, on the seat on her knees, holding onto the seat back, doing the breathing and being coached by the friend. The doula followed behind in her car (even took a picture of mom's face, IIRC). I remember that the fact that I'd gotten most of a night's sleep meant that I had the ability to deal with all the things that needed to be dealt with. I could take care of paperwork, and you, and your mom… I remember the last visitor leaving in the early evening. Because I'd had the extra brains that sleep had afforded me, I had brought along some extras, and we had soft lights and music. We spent the night in that hospital room, just the three of us.

I treasure this memory


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