Mar. 25th, 2015

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I remember being on the farm as a kid. It's not really a single memory, it's a whole lot of individual instances kinda mashed together. But it's also an amazing memory.

I remember getting up in the morning to feed the rabbits and the chickens. And collecting the eggs. Then I'd go help grandpa with feeding and watering the hogs. Being with the animals that fed us, that give us eggs, and even fed the garden with their droppings. Taking care of them, helping the hogs with the birthing process. Tending to the chicks in the incubator. Looking at the newborn rabbits that were so very tiny.

I remember helping to pick the blackberries, which we ate on ice cream later. I remember picking vegetables. I remember canning fruit, tomatoes, corn, beans, lots of things. I remember making jam.

I remember sitting watching TV in the evening, and bottle feeding any of the runts that were too small to nudge the other piglets out of the way.

I remember the farm, being with the plants, the animals… The earth. This is an awesome set of memories.


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