Mar. 26th, 2015

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I remember doing things on the farm as a kid.

I remember helping to build things, fences, the pens for the horses, the irrigation system. Helping the way only a small kid can. I remember exerting myself, trying to be as strong as grandpa, to be able to do what he could do… Eventually I was. I remember picking vegetables in the garden. I remember fetching the mail from the mailbox at the road with grandma. I remember helping to rearrange things on the porch so we had room for all the stuff we'd just canned. I remember the canning. I remember making butter once. I remember "making do" a lot because we couldn't "just run into town whenever some idea struck us". I remember going to pick-your-own fruit events announced in the local paper, and we'd drive to some other person's field, pay them a few bucks, and go pick lots of fruit. I remember going up there, driving through the countryside. Driving by the tiny little church, driving by the rocks with bible verses painted on them. I remember going to Sunday School when grandma was teaching it. I remember helping grandpa fix the pickup truck, or the old '57 Bel-Air. Or the watering system for the hogs. Or fix some other piece of simple technology that helped the farm work. I remember going to church/community pot luck social events. I remember going to the house of the gay men up the road and one of them giving me lessons on their organ. I remember removing ticks from the dog. I remember helping to put up the garage. I remember sharpening knives on grandpa's limestone wheel that was about 30 inches in diameter and you had to peddle it to make it go. I remember fixing something or other on grandma's treadle sewing machine.

It's a pretty random collection of memories.


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