Apr. 10th, 2015

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I have learned a little trick for extending the life of my nonstick pans.

I put a nonstick pan on the stove with nothing in it.

I turn it to medium, and let it get all warmed up.

I measure the temp of the pan with an infra red thermometer.

I keep slowly turning it up, and then letting it stabilize… until the steady state temp of the pan reaches 330F.

Then I mark the control dial with a sharpie… Red above that point, green below that point.

It's not that I have to stay in the green all the time… If I'm cooking something with a LOT of water in it, setting it on high might well result in a pan temp of only 220F or so. But it does mean that above that demarcation, I have to pay a LOT more attention to the pan temperature.

I really like this little trick. I expect it will extend the life of my nonstick pans.


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