May. 23rd, 2015

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Now that it's scabbed over, it doesn't look anywhere near as bad as the open wound led me to believe.
Click here to see the scab )
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I remember we painted rooms at Dawn's house. I remember that night talking about you having a job interview or something the next day. I remember realizing you painted in your good shoes and now the black shoes were covered in a starfield of little white spots. I remember that there wasn't going to be time before the interview to get new shoes. I remember telling you to give them to me, I went and got a Sharpie, and for the next I have no idea how long, I colored those dots one by one until they were all covered up. The other side of ADD is hyperfocus, and it sure came in handy. And you had black shoes to wear to your interview.

This is an amusing memory.


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