Jun. 26th, 2015

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I remember Eugene Rominger​'s memorial. I remember the old faces and the new. I remember that the remembering was lighthearted and joyful for the most part. I remember Anthony Adragna​'s stories about explosions. I remember Robert J. Stear​ telling me later that it had drawn out memories for him that he'd completely forgotten about. I remember hearing about how Alex Medeiros's career in computers got started, and I felt really good for him. I remember Bear Thesmith was there, and that made me glad.

I also remember deciding that the lead up to this event was decent grounds to clean all the things, since we hadn't really done spring cleaning yet. I remember not figuring out how to successfully make the churros cookies until a couple of days after the event (the secret is to use a cake decorating bit to squeeze them out onto baking parchment sitting on top of dry ice. Then as soon as they're solid, getting them into the hot oil).

I also remember realizing that despite what a recluse he was in many ways, that all these people spent the time and energy to come to this. And it put my own poor sense of value into a new perspective.

I am grateful for this memory. And for all the folks who could make it.


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