Aug. 8th, 2016

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2016 08 08
I remember...

I remember the first time I changed a habit deliberately. I was 19 I think, maybe 20. I had just locked my keys in the car a second time in six months. I decided I needed a physical habit, something I did every time I turned off the car. I decided to turn the key to off and remove it in one smooth motion. And as soon as I was out of the seat, I'd slide the key fob into my pocket.

A little while later, in response to the second or third time of leaving the lights on and running down the battery, I added reaching up with the other hand at the same time to make sure the headlight switch was pushed in, into the off position.

These aren't big habits by themselves. They saved me a little stress. I couldn't have known how big a role habits and the changing of habits would play in my life. These were the first deliberate habit changes as such that I remember.

For all the things I need to get better at, this pair of habits has served me very well indeed.


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