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2017 01 06 Random Thoughts on The Outdoors

I was watching a Rick Steves' travel video last night, and it happened to be on the Camino de Santiago. The walkers talked about the reverence of being out in nature, which is cool. But there was something about the way one of them said it... Then they said something about many people not seeing this living in the city and all.

And I realized in that moment that this person was talking about themselves... That they had never spent any significant kind of time out in nature. That this experience of being out in nature was completely foreign to them. And by extension, there are other people like this too.

This was somehow a realization that struck me deeply. Growing up on the farm, all the camping trips I've been on, nature is just nature to me. I mean, yeah, it's awesome and all (and I mean that in the original definition of awesome), and sacred, but it's also ordinary. For me. But not for them. I just couldn't really conceive of that before that insight. Wow.
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