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Last night I had made a plan with someone for something to do, and I felt like doing something else... There was some back and forth in IM over the day trying to sort out something else to do, and I realized I don't really know where to go looking for "what's going on tonight/this weekend in the bay area". It seems to me like there are too many sources of information.

There are of course the usual things like dinner or a movie... But what about other things, ongoing kinds of things? Like the vertical wind tunnel in Fremont (tho it's always booked well ahead of time), or indoor rock climbing, or all kinds of things.

So what do you do besides poly social events and movies? If you like performing arts or edutainment things, where do you look for information?

I am also making up a list of things I wanna do... A bucket list, if you will.

I wanna fly. As in, in an open air aircraft or gliding kind of thing. (Which [livejournal.com profile] rfrench has been gracious enough to help out with information on) It's not that I wanna be a pilot (tho there is some urge in that direction too), it's really more that I just wanna experience it.

I'd like to see the USS Yorktown (CV-10) (now a museum in Charleston, SC) - this is the carrier my dad served on in the navy.

I'd like to see the USS Constitution (at Charlestown, MA) - just because I like naval history

I might like to try a wingsuit

And I wanna create a one night restaurant

I wanna take the things i've been learning and cast them into a comedy routine

i want to jettison all incomplete projects in my life but for a couple, and those i wanna get completed

I think I wanna do some rock climbing

i wanna go on a weekend camping trip to the redwoods specifically to shoot pictures

This list will keep growing....


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