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Forget for a second the subject matter itself and just look at these amazing examples of the photographers art:

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I've been too swamped to do the accomplishments thing the last week, and I do need to get back to that, but I have a very special (for me) accomplishment I need to yell YAY! about...

A lot of people seem to think I'm arrogant or aloof. Really I'm socially insecure.

Today, as I was riding to work on the BART train, and this attractive, statuesque black woman got on the train... And suddenly I had this image in my head of doing a series of photos on her face, against a black background, where we just make out the contours of her face. Very dramatic.

In the past I would have just sat there and thought about it. But today I explained what I had in mind, and gave her my card. She said she'd contact me, so we'll see...

But more important than the possibility to create the art, was not being stopped.

It was a very good feeling.
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I want to do a bunch of pics of me. Various costumes, nudes, whatever. I would like to have several volunteers, and make a weekend day of it. Maybe even some other folks to appear in some of the pics. This isn't for commercial purposes, just my own entertainment.

[livejournal.com profile] bdot has already said she'd shoot some. Anyone else wanna help with this?
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My wife saw this
And called it art...
She told me
she thought it perfect
for posting here.

To me it seems
As though it still needs
A spear
And a loincloth
to complete
the outfit...


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