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I have been hosting weirdness.org at home for like about 10 years or something, and I'm soooooo ready to get out of that business.

I want to move web AND MAIL hosting somewhere. Mail would be forwarded to gmail accounts.

I'd thought about trying to use google apps for this, but am still just trying to wend my way through figuring out google apps.

Any suggestions for a hosting service? or anybody have familiarity with google apps that can help me with some questions?

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[livejournal.com profile] klrmn has a macbook, which was working fine last night, we were listening to Pandora, and had put in the power connector about 20 mins before closing the laptop to head into the other room (it's set to go into standby when closed)

This morning, it won't wake up. She gets an apple icon with spinning progress indicator, and it'll do that for at least 30 minutes, but never finishes waking up.

Any ideas?


Oct. 18th, 2008 04:44 pm
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So I work doing test automation architecture using QTP, which uses VBScript as it's main programming interface.

In May, my lead came to me and said I should take the next little while to explore refacotring the architecture, because while I built it, there were some important ways I wasn't happy with it. We're deploying that code now.

Some of the important changes in the refactored code include having developed the ability to pass in variable numbers of arguments into a function/subroutine (not supported by VBScript natively) developing true object support including inheritence and some manner of polymorphism (also not supported by VBScript), and a host of other things.

My lead was impressed enough with this that he told me I should submit it to www.advancedqtp.com.

Important aside: The company is engaged in a program to streamline how we do things which involves completely redoing all our information processing infrastructure. There were, from the point of view of those who have to implement and test it, some very poor decisions made at the executive level on this project. They originally targetted next year to roll this out, currently it's 2012 for completion (and not looking good), and the board is NOT happy. The rumor mill says that some key executes have their jobs and in at least one case their career on the line.The approach for dealing with this seems to be one of those "the beatings will continue until moral improves!" kind of thing. My grandboss is very old school insurnance company, and has just cancelled all work from home for everyone. Things are continuing to head downhill there, and that it's likely to become more and more uncomfortable there in particular after the first of the year. Time to start prepping my resume!

This Advanced QTP site apperently started as a user group kind of thing, but is now a consulting firm.

This week they rolled out an article someone else came up with which implements some basic inheritance using a preprocessor which is far more kludgy than my solution. Has no support for debugging, for instance. Mine not only supports debugging but includes streamlined object inspection for debugging. Woo hoo!

I have now contacted the Advanced QTP people, and they're very interested in seeing my code. I just sent it off, now I need to write an article and cross my fingers...
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I thought I would put Google Chrome on my system and just see what they were talking about.

It took me months to move to Mozilla 3, to have enough of my extensions get updated to the point where I wouldn't lose any of the functionality I've set up...

And I've seen all these statements about this browser is faster or that browser is faster... But the move to Mozilla 3 was the first one where I saw even a little bit of difference on a day to day basis...

But after two days, Google Chrome is now my default browser, even though I can't have the image manipulation and one click "look up in wikipedia" functionality.

And it really is quite noticeably faster.


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