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Even if they do have more cooties, I'm OK with getting inoculated with girl germs. When I was a little kid, like in grade school thru maybe like third grade, I used to hang out with the girls. I was the only kid who had a girlfriend in kindergarten. Everybody thought I was weird, but I was happy with it. When we moved and I changed schools tho, the transition didn't work. :(

How the heck I got the idea by the time I was a teen that I'd never have a girlfriend is beyond me.
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Performing some updates to my web site:

In the last 6 months, I realized that even though I had taken on staying male, I hadn't taken on being male. Owning that I am masculine and that there is power in being male. Previously I had only seen the power of the feminine. It has shifted many things, mostly in subtle ways. One way in which the shift hasn't been subtle is in love making. I have learned to be male, and I have learned that being male can be a gift to my lovers. It showed up first in how I kissed, then in how I did tantric energy work, and most recently in how I engage in 'play'. By that I mean what most people call foreplay, but for it to really be powerful, you have to give up that anything else has to happen afterwards. Allow it to be only it's own thing, enjoyed for itself. I'm still learning this, but I'm having a lot of fun... And there usually is a really delightful afterwards. (Thanx MB!)


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